Where Will the Mushroom Take You

I can tell you this much .. whether you are venturing for the “special” mushroom or the delicate edible mushroom or just the coolest looking fungus on the planet.  They all will take you farther into the so called “wilderness” thank you wanna go and will keep you there longer than you ever thought you would stay. So,…. Follow me…

Depending on the company you keep, this question brings up a plethora of answers.  There are mushrooms for eating, cooking with, health benefits, medicine and even a “legal high, maaaan!”  

My home state of Alabama is an excellent place to find wild mushrooms.  The weather is perfect for their growing season and there are forests and wooded areas everywhere. Now if you are crazy as I am about Mushrooms and get on top of my rickety roof looking for mushrooms growing in the gutter  you might want to have these guys number in your wallet. www.BirminghamPremierRoofing.com don’t get stuck with your foot through the roof like I’ve done. Just a pro tip before I go any further.

  People who call themselves “Foragers” search throughout and find a gold mine of ‘shrooms.  The forging season starts in the beginning of March and lasts for about twenty days, depending on the weather, which is sketchy in the Spring.  But it’s not for the novice or the careless.  You have to know what you’re looking for and how to identify them. 

There are myriads of kinds of mushrooms.  There are the ones that are edible and safe, the ones that if eaten will make you sick and the ones that will kill you.  Which ones are which?  That’s pretty hard to tell.  Just when you think you know, you’ll find one from another part of the country that looks exactly like the one you’ve been eating that will put you six feet under.   And your family!

If you’re a novice and curious about wild mushrooms, my advice would be to seek-out an expert on these fungi (you know mushrooms are a fungus, right?).  I would prefer somebody with good eyesight and a PHD after his name.  Mushrooms are very deceptive.  You have to know how to look for the subtitles which will clue you in to which ones are safe to eat.  That should be your first priority.  After that, you can concern yourself with the mushrooms that are good for medicine, using in various recipes, and even getting that legal buzz.  

By now, you’re probably wondering: “Which kinds of mushrooms do you eat?”  My answer: “the ones I buy in the store!”  

Better safe than sorry.,