The Best Attribute of a Mushroom

You know the little fold under the cap of a mushroom. Do you realize why God made them that way.  Well it is for one reason I believe it is certainly for it to trap the flavor of whatever you are cooking.  You see the mushroom all by itself is not the powerhouse of flavor with a punch. It is demure and somewhat of a lightweight wen it comes to taste.shroon cap

All great chef;s realize this when they are working with mushrooms.  The magic takes place when the mushroom is combined with other ingredients and it takes on the flavor of the sauce or spice you are using.  Then then magic happens.  maybe this is why they call it the magic mushroom.

They certainly are not overly pleasing to the eye, but a well placed mushroom in a dish will take the recipe over the top.  The uncanny ability for all mushroom to transform themselves like a chameleon is the try attribute of the wonder fungus.  A complete new texture is added to the pallet e and there is nothing like the well seasoned shroon to make your next dish say Bon Appetit